In a dream I was a werewolf.

Begging for Thread

Why hello there.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years everyone. I hope that you all had a lovely holiday season with your family & loved ones. Here's to a new year, full of new opportunities & memories. 

Firstly, let me apologize for my obvious disappearance & lack of posting. 

Yes, it's safe to assume that the Christmas/New Year period was a bit hectic for me as well. I mean between having dinner with various friends & family nearly every day, to rushing some last minute gift shopping, to drinking way too much on NYE to then trying to get back into the swing of things like WORK .. Well, unfortunately these priorities have kept me from keeping tab on what I've been up to, or more so what I've been taking photos of. I have been thinking about my blog though, so that means something right? 

This morning I was talking to Sara about my blog, I was explaining how I was surprised to find 20 beautiful followers. WAT. Anyway, she said something along the lines of "Wow. It's different to Tumblr hey? Like, these people are actually following you for what you've written etc." Anyway, it didn't actually occur to me that their are 20 people in the world who are actually interested in MY life. It's strange because personally, I think I'm a pretty boring person. 

Regardless, hello there follower. I think that you must be a pretty amazing person if you follow someone like me. That isn't even an attempt at getting you to say "but you're awesome" or anything uplifting like that, it's just the truth. 

As per usual, I hope you lovelies enjoy my photos from the last month. 

Majority of them are based around catch ups with family/friends, food porn, presents I received, things I've done (Sara let me use her as a human canvas \o/), art galleries we visited etc. The photo's also include a couple shots that were taken by a friend who is also a very talented photographer. Sara, our friends & I are currently working on a life/art/culture magazine & our first "artist" to interview was me. So we ventured down to an abandoned factory in Yarraville, I did some painting & her shots are the outcome. 

How was your Christmas & New Years? What have you been up to? I'm actually interested to know my dears.


What is this madness? 2 posts in one day. Jeez, you guys are spoilt.

Lately I've been obsessed with the new T.Swift album, I'm not even ashamed to say it. Favourite tune has to be "Style", loving that beat and for some reason it just reminds me of summer night cruises. Seriously, I'm not a summer person but I wouldn't mind being near a beach right about now. The sun is shining outside & I'm feeling extra grateful to be alive.

You may have heard on the news what occurred in Sydney yesterday, but if you haven't go here > Martin Place Siege.

Now, I'm from Melbourne which is about a 10 hour drive or a 1 hour flight out of Sydney but what occurred yesterday still hits way to close to home. So today, I've just been focusing on reflection & appreciation. Appreciating the life that I have, grateful that the people that I care about are safe & healthy and most importantly, within arms reach. Two innocent people lost their lives early this morning & they leave behind family, siblings, children, pets, friends .. I can't even begin to understand what kind of heartbreak their loved ones are feeling. My heart goes out to those directly effected and indirectly effected by a crazed monster's actions.

I haven't been doing much lately, I've been a bit of a hermit due to the fact that Sara and I only have a couple months to save up a lot of cash prior to us moving in together. I'm both excited & scared, but it's a good kind of scared. I'm just eager to see what our future holds & the bonus of this all, is knowing that I'll be able to wake up next to her every morning & seeing that she's safe, makes me feel more at ease when I think about how dangerous the world can really be.

Here are some snaps from the past couple weeks.

By the way, have you told your loved ones that you love them today? If not, go do it now.